Release Notes


  • Base URLs were changed.

  • Order Info moved to Private REST Methods section.


  • When subscribing to a WebSocket Channel, the complete current state is returned. All subsequent responses contain only updates, Summary.

  • Added update counter — version. On restart, the counter is reset. At the first snapshot, the counter is initialized and incremented on subsequent updates.

  • Added method GET frontoffice/api/orders?OrderId={orderId}, which returns information about the placed order. You can specify orderId (long) or clientOrderId (guid) in the query string parameters. If an order is received by clientOrderId, the current open order for this account is returned. If there is no open order, then the last order with clientOrderId for this account is returned. Note that method GET frontoffice/api/orders/{ClientOrderId} is now obsolete.

  • Changed responses for several methods:

    • executionPrice — new field, applicable for Market and Stop orders

    • requestedPrice — new field, applicable for Limit orders

    • price — obsolete field, for Market or Stop orders it is equal to executionPrice, for limit orders it is equal to requestedPrice. It is preferable to use executionPrice and requestedPrice instead of price.

    Full list of methods for which responses have been changed:

    • GET frontoffice/api/orders/{orderId}

    • GET frontoffice/api/orders/my

    • GET frontoffice/api/order_history

    • DELETE frontoffice/api/orders/{orderId}

    • DELETE frontoffice/api/{userId}/orders/{orderId}

    • POST frontoffice/api/order

    • Private WebSocket Method /ws/account. Channel name “OpenOrders”


Now you can get User Balance for each asset.

We increased the security of the trading API (anti-replay protection). For Private REST Methods, the mechanism for signing requests will be changed. To ensure their integrity and authenticity, each request must include an arbitrary unique nonce, which will also be part of the signature. A transitional period will take 30 days. While transitioning, orders are accepted both with and without nonce. At the end of the transition period, processing requests without nonce will stop. The transition period ends on May 19, 2021.


Now you can get trades history for a specific order by orderId.


Added Asset Info, Summary, Ticker Info, Trades Info methods description.


Added Instrument Candles method description.


The order can now be cancelled not only by orderId, but also by clientOrderId.


Initial check-in.